Friday, November 10, 2006

Not forgotten, just busy as hell

Well I am in Beaufort, SC again. It was time for my annual pilgrimage to my mother's house to perform whatever minutiae my mom has for me, and to do some hard talking with her. Like, what are we going to do when you can't stay here anymore?

The years are advancing, and it was time to be realistic. And it was time to pin her down with what she wanted to do, and compare that with what was fiscally going to happen. We are in the midst of those talks. With limited success, I might add.

I appreciate her lack of enthusiasm when talking about her mortality and various infirmaties. Personally, I have a LARGE issue with my own mortality. However, it had to be done, so my brother and I headed out here together to see what we could do.

It's not fun, by the way.

In other news, I am off to the "body and fender shop" as it were, to have work done on my rather prominent nose. Due to bad living as a kid, bar fights or simple bad luck, I have a septum that, rather than being straight, meanders about like two miles of Appalachian road.

So, it appears that they will be peeling me like a bananna, fixing it, and returning it to it's previous position - with the hope that it will no longer peep around corners when I walk up to them.

Personally, I am scared to death. I hate doctors. I know they are good guys, but sheesh. I still hate em. End of discussion.

Oh and by the way, those who know of my love of Smithfield ham will be pleased to know that I have scored a wonderful, 16 pounder for my Christmas dinner.

YEE HAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!

I miss you all -

Especially my favorite MadMom.