Friday, March 18, 2005

Wow. It's been a while.

I am sorry it has been so long since I typed anything. I have to admit, a part was being so sick (I was off a whole week - I haven't missed more than one day from work in years.) Part was being burnt out from work around the house. Part was just work. And part was simple exhaustion. So forgive me, and if you all have left me, I understand :) Homecoming soon I hope.

I now know what Sharon has to deal with. My wife, who now stays at home to deal with just this kind of thing, went to my daughter's parent/teacher conference. What an UPLIFTING experience. NOT.

It turns out that my daughter, who is ADHD, has still had problems getting the work she does turned in. I have issues with this, but that isn't the point. If she turns in ANYTHING late, even by minutes, it instantly goes into a black hole. This is known as the "Late Paper Bin". My guess is that it is little more than a recycle bin. Anything turned in late, regardless of it's merit and correctness is instantly transformed to a "D" (or a 60%).

I have to be honest. On the one hand, I do understand the teacher's attempt to push students to get papers in on time. I really do. On the other hand, however, I do have issues with an instant 40% degredation of work done. And the fact that he goes through his bin once every month or so makes it even harder. So papers can, and do, get misplaced. Even if she does the work, and gets it in late, it may or may not even get credited to her. This is an ongoing issue.

Secondly, my daughter was hoping to attend "Outdoor School" - which is a summer program for 6th graders. It costs money, for which there are innumerable fund raisers throughout the year. We have participated in all of them, and were ready and willing to make up the difference.

Here comes the other shoe... it appears that there are "behavioral guidelines" that up until now, were not known to us. She has to have three weeks of perfect homework turning in, and must meet another nebulous behavior constrictions. If she doesn't, then she can't go, and the money she (read me and her mom) raised goes into the kitty for other students, thereby cutting THEIR costs for attendance.

My issue is not that the money goes into the kitty. It's that way for a LOT of things. However, my issue IS with their not telling us these guidelines until it is virtually too late to do anything about. There are no exceptions made for LD kids, and we also found out that ADHD is not really a LD issue but a behavioral issue. HMMMM.

SO that's my rant today. God bless everyone, (we all could use it anyway,) and go to Sharon's blog and wish her happy birthday.

Until our next.........


Sharon said...

Awww! Thanks!!! :)

I hope you're feeling better....

I feel your pain on the school issues. I went through a similar situation at the school my oldest son used to attend. Actually what happened in my case was that my son turned his work in early, the teacher lost it, and then accused him of never turning it in, in the first place....*sigh* we had a lovely round of banter on that one, she and I.
The recycle bin sounds a bit harsh to me. Certainly allowances should be made at times!

I'll email you rather than blog on your blog :)

Suzanne said...

I just hate to hear these kinds of stories! I understand the teachers attempt at teaching time management and responsibility, but it seems a bit extreme. So does the "outdoor school" qualifications. The teacher should learn to look at circumstances and make the necessary changes in protocol.

Let us know when you will be in Savannah,...perhaps Chase and I can meet you guys for coffee or something? I can at least give you some pointers maybe?