Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Another long pause

Well, it has been another long pause in the Blogger world. My apologies, gentle reader. It appears, that sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is actually a freight train headed for you. Sometimes it misses. This time was too close.

We headed out to Coos Bay for our "Sabbatical"... but on the way had to stop at the ER. It turns out that my beloved wife had been sleeping about an hour or two a night --- for the last three weeks. So, she had been dealing with unbelievable anxiety, and was damn near delusional. It was frightening for me. I think what was the most frightening, is that she was able to disguise it from me.

With trailer in tow, we head off to the house with hopes of her getting a good nights sleep, and start in the morning. Which she does, and we do. The trip was nice, and uneventful, but upon her return the anxiety cranked back up to full steam, and not even the sleep aid was working.

On Tuesday morning we return to the ER. This time, she is admitted, and put in a room that looked faintly (from my Corrections days as an employee thank you very much) like a holding cell. She is sedated, and then after a LONG discussion between Dr, nurse, and Good ole PCDoc we get her the meds she really should have gotten in the first place, and head home. I took the week off, and stayed here keeping the rugrats at bay whilst she tries to regain herself.

She improves dramatically over the next week. She was used to 10 hrs sleep a night (I'm lucky if I get 5) and had been so deprived that her body was going ballistic. Now, all is mostly back to normal, her meds changed to a much lighter critter that doesn't make her drool so badly (grin - shades of some movie I saw once) and now only takes a light dose to help sleep. The doc says that this will dissipate over the next several weeks, and hopefully will return to the proper "diurnal rhythm".. which I suspect means life back to normal.

That done, I head back to work. One uneventful week passes by, with hopes for another. Lo and behold, on the way to the in-laws, I have a wheel bearing go out on my little putt putt car. She handles it well, but now I'm ready for the booby hatch. Or at least, a strong drink and another vacation.

Bear with me as this passes, and I become more verbose.

Oh and one more "nail in the coffin" - near the 4th of July I become 21 for the 21st time. Tell me that don't suck rocks :)

Until our next....


Sharon said...

Oh my goodness.

All my prayers and good thoughts go out to you and your family at this time. Please be well and take care of yourselves and get all the rest you need.

Suzanne said...

Oh No! Sounds like you've had a bugger of a time. I'm sorry to hear that! Give your wife my best and continue giving her lots of support as you've been doing. Sleep is a horrible thing to lose!

Patty-Jo said...

Hang in there. And happy birthday. Another birthday beats the heck out of the alternative!

In September I celebrate the 30th anniversary of my 19th birthday!

PCDoc said...

Thank you all for your support - I care a lot for all of you and knowing you're out there cheering along makes lots better. God bless you all.


Tenderheart said...

I'm sorry to hear about your wife. I hope she's feeling better.
Anxiety is an terrible thing.

healthyblogger said...

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