Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Thank God it's Wednesday.

Well gentle readers, we made it through another week, and are on the downhill slide. I'm thinking this is a good thing. Relatively uneventful even.

Spent the weekend on the Oregon coast. My older brother came down with us, and had a good time. I'm glad - he has had some loneliness and depressive issues recently too. I do need to be careful and set some limits though ... else we will all get tired of each other and wind up where we started... distant.

We went to the Oregon coast aquarium. That's pretty cool! You can see more of it here. The kids had a blast. We also went fishing and crabbing. Caught two red rock crabs that were keepers, but they tasted funny to my wife. Just a bit to "fishy" I guess. If it was easy, they'd call it "catching" ... but all had fun.

And me? I don't like to fish - for the simple reason that I don't eat fish, and if you don't eat it, I say don't catch it. I enjoyed Father's day though, managed to sleep in a bit, and the trailer is starting to come around now. Fixed all the leaks, working on all the lights that don't work. Got the water pump up and running - woohoo! Now I can feel better about "dry" camping.

The Suburban's mileage pulling it though is abominable. My mini-van (a Ford Aerostar) pulls it - ok - and gets about 11 miles to the gallon. My 'Burb pulls it fine, and gets about 5 or 6. Something fishy here... will have to investigate. With the 30 gallon tank on the 'burb, it's at least 65 bucks to fill it. Sheesh. Maybe it's time to try to find a new truck.

Now, a special note for a special person to my wife and I. Thank you. You know why. I hope that someday I can return the kindness. My best to you and yours.

Until our next..........

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