Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Life, love, and what was I thinking???

Some days are better than others.

You know, I am sure that is a maxim at some level. However, one of my greatest attributes has been stating the obvious.

Sorry Gentle Reader for the lack of posting. A good online friend went through some bad times, and I was a bit preoccupied with that and life that goes on around this damn computer, and not on it. My friend is home now and done with the hospital. I am glad all is well and back at home. Next time, DON'T WAIT SO LONG TO GO. 'Nuff said.

Bought a travel trailer over the weekend. It fits all of us, and is reasonably comfy. Maybe a bit cosy, but it works. Needed a LOT of help though. More than we expected. It'll sort itself out. I fixed all the appliances and the water leak last night, and my darling bride will grab the last piece of goodies we need to make it whole. But I can assure you that I was not pleased. I hate when people don't give you the straight skinny. It pisses me off. Oh well, so do a lot of other things!!! (GRIN)

We went on a tiny vacation this last weekend also. My wife and two children joined a good friend and his wife and child on a road trip to Klamath Falls, near Crater Lake. It was fun, but also testy. My daughter, although better than she was, still likes to lash out with pure, unadulterated, pre-teen venom on a regular basis.

That can be painful. For all involved. I was reminiscing for the time when she was more pleasant to be around all the time. I had to think back a while.

I commented on this with my wife. she shook her head, and smiled... and reminded me of a few not so dark times.

Here is the big one. On Easter Sunday about 9 years ago, we were at my in-laws for dinner. They lived at the time on a big bluff with a beautiful view of Mt. Hood. Of course, it was basically a heavily wooded cliff, with a dropoff of about 60 degrees. Ick. I HATE heights. A LOT.

All of the children out playing, including the older ones watching came back. Except my 2 year old daughter. That's a bad thing.

So we went running and yelling her name trying to find her. I heard her small voice come up from over the cliff, saying "Daddy".

I jumped.

Not your typical hop of the edge thing. I got a good running start and JUMPED. My sister in law, who is not my biggest fan, said I looked like superman. I never gave it a thought. Well, until later... ick. ICK. I still hate heights.

Got my daughter and clawed my way back up the cliff, hanging onto tree stumps and trunks, with my daughter on my back the whole way. It was about 75 yards down. She was safe. All was well.

Years later, when my wife and I were having problems, (I'm stubborn and stupid from time to time), she said something that made an Impact.

She said she didn't want to be married to someone that wouldn't jump off a cliff for his daughter.

I am glad to say, I will. Because I have.

Maybe some days ARE better than others.

And today isn't so bad after all.

Until our next......

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Michael_the_Archangel said...

There are times in our lives that we jump off many cliffs. Not very often (thankfully) are they literal ones like the one you wrote about - but virtual ones. Getting married, is a leap. Believing in God and putting your trust in Him, is something of a leap. Occasionally making financial transactions, can be a bit of a leap. Heck, believing that cars will stop when they see a red light is a leap.

I know your post wasn't about that, but that's what it got me thinking about.