Monday, January 31, 2005

Dentists, Doctors, Lawyers and Weathermen.

Sharon was writing about her recent bout with a dentist. To paraphrase Bill Cosby, I have also discovered through the miracle of Dentistry, that if I become a double amputee there is a good chance I can walk with the cheeks of my fanny. I know this because of my unwavering ability to scoot down the dental chair with unbelievable accuracy.

My wife has left her job as a registered nurse to become the almighty stay at home mom. A HUGE undertaking. Read more here. Personally, I am scared to death, but she thinks we can make it just fine on one income. If you say so darling one.... but I am still waiting for my blood pressure to go back to normal... It isn't that I don't have faith in her or her accounting abilities, but I remember praying to make the salary I am now starving on. We'll have to see... but I am sure it will be fine. (Right after our first discussion, she swore that, in my big office leather chair, I had left a pucker mark. I don't doubt it.) We'll figure it out.

I hate doctors. Just because. Perhaps I don't have the faith in them I once had, or perhaps my faith was shaken when I lost my father to heart issues in 1990. Maybe I just never forgave them for being mortal. Maybe I just never forgave Dad for being mortal... and subsequently was pissed off at everyone else left behind. I suspect the last is the most likely. I miss my father every day. We used to talk a fair amount. Now I talk. He listens. It isn't the same.

My daughter is ADHD. We now suspect our son is as well. Figures. I have this thing against medicating my children because they fit some mold, but my daughter (who had disappeared and left behind this doppelganger that was just one step away from Linda Blair in the Exorcist) is back and fairly delightful to be around. In other words, she is reacting for the most part like... well like an 11 year old kid. How about that.

Weathermen lie. It is a way of life. They have to - well unless they live in San Diego. There all they have to say is ...... nice. Or fairly nice. Or at worst, rainy but nice tomorrow. Up here in the Pacific Northwest, they should just say (at least in the winter) cold, clammy, fairly wet. Up here you don't tan. You rust. If you see the sun up here, you pop your head out of the window, see the sun, and then wonder what god you have offended. Then you try to find a chicken you can kill and swing around your head to ward off evil spirits. And yes, it really does get that bad up here.

I was talking with a friend today about cardinals. Not the baseball team, the bird. I miss them. Up here, all I ever see are those nasty tempered western blue jays. To me, there is nothing more beautiful or majestic than seeing a daddy and mommy cardinal, against a background of new snow, plucking away at some sunflower seeds or suet. There is nothing to me that confirms the existance of a God more than the beauty of Nature. Well, with the exception of the sight of your new daughter or son.

Ok... thank you for listening to my mouth run. Or my heart. Something like that.


Patty-Jo said...

Don't panic! I've been a stay at home mom for years, and there were plenty of times we didn't have any money at all, but God provided for our needs. Our bills were paid, and we didn't starve. The benifits to your children will be priceless. Contrary to popular opinion, your daughter is at the age where she needs a 7/24 hands on mom more than ever. Hang in there!

Sharon said...

First of all, you're very witty. I enjoy your wry perceptions on life.
Second, I began being a SAHM five and a half years ago. It required some compromises, but it's been workable.

Can I take it you are feeling a little better, hopefully? :)

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