Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I hate doctors.

I hate doctors.

After finally successfully quitting smoking after 34 years (I started YOUNG), I promptly began to fall apart, piece by piece. Sigh.

So after some concerns on very perceived weight gain (I figured if it was bad enough for me to notice, I should check on it) and some various aches and pains, I finally went to see my doctor.


It turns out that I promply gained 50 lbs in the 6 months since I quit. Oh and they mentioned that my blood pressure (which has always managed to run about 110/75) is now 155/110. Swell.

And did I mention that nicotine masks aches and pains? So now they want to check on arthritis after I lose a herd of weight. And I must exercise every day for at LEAST 40 minutes adding 5 minutes a week until I get to an hour and a half? Oh and then there is the new diet...

Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

By quitting smoking - I now have to also quit sugar, most salt, my love for Indian food (too much rice), most chinese food (too much... well just too much), and when she started to holler about my starbucks ... we had to draw the line somewhere. Decaf bites by the way.

For a great many years I have been yelled at because of my smoking. My lovely wife. My best friend (Michael are you watching???). The rest of my family. It seems that smoking was doing more good than harm in my case.

OK, ok don't go there. I know. But still... Oh, and now I have to drink diet soda. (Not bloody pop, but SODA.) They make me give up barbecue and pork and I am going to start smoking again. They can kiss my butt. It ain't worth it. What's the point of elonging your lifespan if it is mostly unenjoyable.

At least she didn't bitch too much about my wine in the evening before bed. To all out there that know me, I love ya all... but if I had known that quitting smoking would do all THIS - .........

Until our next...


Pat in NC said...

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panthergirl said...

I hate doctors too, because they treat pregnant women like sick people. But that's a blog for another day.

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madmom said...

You poor, poor wretch. I am glad you didn't know beforehand how crappy you would feel, because, although you don't believe it now, it's one of the best thigns you have ever done. Besides marrying me. You probably would have just collapsed in a pile of limbs a few years down the road, and we never would have know about the masked problems, so you did yourself a favor! No, REALLY! Oh, shit, never mind. Take an aspirin and have a cup of coffee.

Michael_the_Archangel said...

Yeah, yeah, we've heard it all before, take two asprin and call me in the morning. Twenty dollars plz.

We've talked my friend, you got three reasons to stay alive for a longer period of time, besides, we've both seen folks die from cancer, it's not pretty and it is painful. This way you'll die from other things and it will take longer - plus the pain isn't high and intense, just long, slow and drawn out.

Peace my friend, just another change.

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