Wednesday, January 26, 2005

What a week.

Here it is, Wednesday evening, and I am beat. End of the week beat. I need a vacation beat. Honey, I suddenly feel sick beat. Scoot over cat and gimme my damn couch beat.

I wish I could redo my week. I'd start over, with a significant lack of interest. That way I can get away with lethargic performance, and now that Wednesday is here, I could be a bit more chipper.

My best friend is down in Vegas trying hard to get employed there. I have mixed feelings about this - very similar to watching your mother-in-law go over a cliff in your brand new Jaguar. I mean, the Jaguar is insured, but still.

I pray that he gets it... mostly because I know how badly he wants it... and I wouldn't mind having a place to stay for Comdex and CES... especially one that my wife approves of. It IS Vegas, after all :)

On the other hand, he and his family are more a part of my and my family's life than my own brothers. Not that that is saying much. I wish him luck. I pray for him. And I am trying very hard not to secretly jinx it :)

Good luck, Bubba.

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Sharon said...

watching your mother in law go over the hill in a Jaguar...I love it. What an amusing and perceptive analogy!

Well, even if you are beat, I hope you keep writing, because your posts are very interesting.